• 20" Sterling Silver with Natural Crazy Lacy Agate or Natural Labradorite Necklace with Dog House & Bone Charm by Gem Lady Treasures


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    From Gem Lady Treasures Mommy & Me Collection is our adorable Sterling Silver Charm and Natural Gemstone Necklace. This minimalist necklace is in the current fashion. The 20" sterling silver chain has the overall look of a ladder. The bottom step is a curved bar holding a charm, a clean outline of a dog house with a bone dangling from the bottom. The bail of the charm has 925 stamped on the back of it. The two steps above are two bars holding two natural Crazy Lace Agates (Featured) or natural Labradorite each. The clasp is a sterling silver hook and eye. The perfect necklace for any Dog Lover or for a Dog Mom with one of our matching handmade leather and natural Crazy Lace Agate or natural Labradorite collars. This necklace order is a true treasure, so please treat it at such. We strongly recommend to remove it before retiring for the night. Gem Lady Treasures is delighted to offer this unique and beautiful necklace as a lot of love went into the making of it.

    *These gemstones have come directly from the earth, been cut into beads and polished. No treatments have been added by man to enhance the stones in any form. All natural gemstones are unique, that is the way Mother Nature made them, it is Mother Nature at her best!