• Hand-Stitched Freeform Beaded Bezel Surrounding Natural Jasper Cabochon on Unisex Leather Bracelet with Snap Closure by Gem Lady Treasures


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    In Gem Lady Treasures Jewelry by Lady Lacy Collection are these fabulous Boho Bracelets. Each bracelet has a hand-stitched freeform glass beaded bezel surrounding a natural jasper cabochon. The cabochon is glued with a strong epoxy and hand-stitched onto a natural or hand dyed black leather bracelet. The adhesive along with the stitching prevents the cabochon from coming off of the bracelet. The leather bracelet has a snap closure. Laid out the bracelet is 8" long (1" wide) however when snapped it comfortably fits a 7" wrist. A 6" - 7" wrist can wear this, it will just be a little looser, but not to big on the smaller wrist sizes. To order, simply select bracelet #1, #2, or #3 (as in photo 1, 2, or 3, left to right). The numbers are top to bottom or left to right in the photos. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us. These bracelets are very labor intensive and are made with love and care. We hope that you enjoy wearing them as much as we enjoyed making them for you!

    *This gemstone has come directly from the earth, been cut into a cabochon and polished. No treatments have been added by man to enhance the stone in any form. All natural gemstones are unique, that is the way Mother Nature made them, it is Mother Nature at her best!