• Natural Crazy Lace & Natural Poppy Jasper Double Strand w/ 2 Sterling Silver Decorative Curved Bars, Clasp Made by Gem Lady Treasure in USA


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    Created by Gem Lady Treasures in the USA is this magnificent 26" double strand necklace of Natural Crazy Lace Agate and Natural Poppy Jasper. There are sterling silver curved bars at the center bottom of each strand. Swarovski Xilion Bicone crystals have been used in with the natural gemstones to add just a hint of bling. The beautiful hook and eye clasp is also of sterling silver. Match this gorgeous necklace up with a pair of sterling silver hoop earrings and not only is this a perfect necklace to wear everyday, it would be fabulous to wear on a night out on-the-town!

    Gemstone Lore claims Poppy Jasper is said to have an attunement to animals, A perfect gift for any pet lover!
    Crazy Lace Agate offers protection from nightmares, stress, fatigue and fevers. It gives strength and power to move forward and carry on through tough times.

    Enjoy wearing this piece as we have enjoyed and loved making it for you!

    *These gemstones have come directly from the earth, been cut into beads and polished. No treatments have been added by man to enhance the stones in any form. All natural gemstones are unique, that is the way Mother Nature made them, it is Mother Nature at her best!