• Natural Serpentine Cabochon with Handmade Wire Work Dog Pendant on an 18" Black Leather Cord by Gem Lady Treasures Made in the USA


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    This whimsical Gem Dog pendant necklace is adorable and perfect for any dog lover! The natural serpentine cabochon is 1.25" in height and 1/2" wide. The puppy dog eyes are faceted Swarovski crystals and his nose is a Swarovski black pearl. He hangs from a black vegetable dyed leather cord that is 18.25" long with a silver-plated 'S' hook clasp. This Gem Dog is very well behaved, good on a leash, house broken, current on his shots, and rides well in a car. He is looking for a good home ~ how about yours? We really loved creating him and just know he will make someone a wonderful friend!

    The name 'serpentine' is thought to be derived from 'serpent' as its color is said to resemble that of a snake. Serpentine has been used for centuries by many cultures as an ornamental and healing stone. Serpentine was thought to protect against disease and evil sorcery. Serpentine is a strong stone of meditation and it is believed to help its wearers find inner-peace. In ancient times, serpentine was used in offerings to gods and goddesses to request blessings. Physically, serpentine is thought to protect against the poison of snakes and other venomous creatures. It is also thought to help alleviate pains of the kidney, stomach cramps and tension. Serpentine is best for stimulating the crown chakra, but can be used for clearing all chakras.

    *This gemstone has come directly from the earth and has been cut and polished. Approximately 95% of all colored gemstones are treated in some form or another. No treatments have been added by man to enhance this stone in any form. All natural gemstones are unique, that is Mother Nature at her best!